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Frequently Asked Questions

All of the equipment that we use is professional equipment including our cameras, lighting and other accessories. We also use the finest album companies and labs to provide you with the highest quality images available. We are proud to use the latest 

Nikon™ Professional Digital Cameras. We compliment the cameras with the Nikon™ line of world class, award winning lenses. This assures you of top quality, razor sharp images with accurate and spectacular color.

Our state of the art processes virtually guarantee great results. We shoot exclusively in Nikon's™ FINE image format. This allows us to work with the highest level of color depth and quality. The post process work is then done using Adobe Photoshop CS5™ on completely calibrated computer systems.

Why packages by the hour?
All our packages were designed based on a block of hours to prevent overlapping with other events we may have on the same day. All our package hours are based on consecutive hours which means that if your events was scheduled for example from 1:00 pm through 6:00 pm and your package goes for 4 hours, we will leave at 5:00 pm unless otherwise arranged. We offer hourly rates for both Videography and Photography and could be added to any of our packages. We make exceptions for Weddings where usually there is a gap of time between the ceremony and the reception, and we allow one (1) hour between both if they are not held at the same location. If you have a gap of time longer than one (1) hour between the ceremony and the reception, then we will automatically charge our per hour fee to the time difference between both celebrations. Please visit our Packages page for more details on how to plan your event wisely to avoid misunderstandings...

Where are you located?
We are located in Miami, Florida but we are available for travel throughout the state of Florida and any other state within the US if required.

Do you offer packages?
Yes we do. We make a custom package for each of our customers. This provides you with only the things that you need (prints, albums, DVD's etc) so that you are not paying for things you will not use. All our packages can be customized to fit your needs.

How many photographers will photograph my event?
Most of our packages include one (1) photographer, but could be upgraded if necessary. In the event that your event requires more than one we will advise and provide options to accomodate your needs. For more details visit our photo/video Packages page.

Do you offer specials?
Yes, our specials can be found on our website. You can use the Contact Us page to request more information on specials.

How will I see my images?
We post all your pictures online so that friends and family are able to view them and purchase the prints that they want. Please visit the Weddings and Quinces page for more details...

Can we set up a meeting?
Absolutely. We prefer to meet with you before we book your event. This enables us the opportunity to go over our services as well as give you the opportunity to ask questions and see our sample work. Use the Contact Us page to send us your information and we will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity.

What is needed to book our event?
We need a signed contract as well as a retainer. The retainer fee is 30% of your package price with the remaining 70% due no later than two (2) weeks before the event. If the contract balance is paid five (5) working days or less before the event date, the last payment must be done in cash. The retainer fee holds your date and package price.

Are there any travel fees?
All Photography Packages include travel within Miami-Dade County.For Broward and Palm Beach County, we charge a fixed rate of $75.00. For other Counties within Florida, we charge $0.35 per mile, plus $50.00 per hour of travel time. For Caribbean Island, Bahamas, or any other state within the US, the client is  responsible for all travel costs including, flights, accommodation, etc.

Location Fees

  • Vizcaya $160.50 ($267.50 Weekeds)

  • Secret Garden $250 x 3 Hrs

  • Little River Studios $350 x 2 Hrs ($100 each additional hour)

  • Spanish Monastery $200 x 3 Hrs

  • The Cruz Building $422.64 x 2 Hrs ($100 each additional hour)

  • The Biltmore Hotel $475 x 2 Hrs

  • Train Museum $50 x 1 Hr ($75 per hour after 4 PM and Weekends)

Every location is independently operated. Admission fees are not included in the package's price list. 

We are not responsible for price changes at the time of booking.

Thank You!

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